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How to play kennen top

how to play kennen top

Important note: These are the runes I use for Kennen top lane and ONLY top lane. I highly recommend you to not use these runes for mid lane because it will. Guides will show users how to play champions, how the champions match up and what The True Kennen Carry, Kennen Build (), Top Lane Dominance. In this season 6 kennen top lane guide I will be going over basic ke basics such as kennens abilities.

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Sasino ostseeküste polen Top lane Sion nowadays is really easy to harass though he gets really tanky really fast, spielo online almost impossible to get hit by his stun so just focus on countering his hard push and doing as much poke damage as possible before his shield starts getting too big to break. If you're playing Poppy force teamfights. She outdamage you but you have stronger CC. If you can, leave your lane with a charged auto to prep a future stun. Push hard if you're winning and have wards.
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Reisewetter karlsruhe Before level 6, try to harass him a lot and get in the middle between the farm and. Do not get caught! DO NOT DIVE A RIVEN. Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment. The True Kennen Carry, Kennen Build 6.
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You can both split and teamfight, though you're better off splitting. The changes to Muramuna and the addition of Essence Reaver made Jayce stronger and tough opponent. Also you would have Zhonya. Take care that she may use his mobility from minion resets. Zone him out of his farm If he ults or use teleport , stun him to break the global teleport and let your team win the fight.

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