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Javax faces state_saving_method

javax faces state_saving_method

Die folgenden Optionen sind sowohl für die SUN-RI- als auch für die MyFaces- Implementierung gültig: javax. faces. STATE_SAVING_METHOD. The JSF parameter javax. faces. STATE_SAVING_METHOD identifies where the state of the view is stored between requests. By default, the state is saved in the. This doesn't save the "session" in client side at all. This only saves the JSF view state STATE_SAVING_METHOD. javax faces state_saving_method

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Sign up using Facebook. Post as a guest Name. The scope defines the lifecycle of managed beans. It also states components requiring state must not be used in stateless views. How to do it? In many cases restoring state from the database at every request is way to expensive, at least in my business applications. Use stateless views only if you can assure that state saving is not required phantom der oper download the view at all. Stack Overflow is a community of 7. In an MVC approach, managed beans carrying state represent the model component. There are two different options defined by the specification: This is not a problem in a single-server environment, given the server never runs out of memory. Join the Stack Overflow Community.

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